Gridview in MVC

I have been asked so many time that how to show grid view since there is no such controller in MVC like in Therefore, I decided to write it about all the common and simple way of doing it. This article is written for one who has background or new in MVC.

Allow only integers in a textbox

I am going to show how to allow only integer in the text box. I will show here two example using and MVC.

File upload without page refresh in MVC

In MVC even html input type "file" is used to upload files but if we want to upload without page refresh then either we can use Ajax.BeginForm or ajax post. There is a jquery plugin called jquery.form.js which make the ajax post easily without making it complicate. MVC request life cycle

As any other web application technology, MVC also create a request object and response back to browser in html format. In short, request process starts when we call the controller and action method from browser.

Understand basic of MVC routing

I think in MVC, it is important to understand URL structure first, identifying and knowing how to access view page. I mean in website application, we know that which page is being accessed but which is not same in MVC. See the different below.

Software developer tips for beginner

If you are a web developer regardless of what technology you use, it is very important to understand basics. Whether you use java, php or dotnet all web based application technology is common in terms of request and response. If you really understand how browser behave and renders html code then it will be very easy to understand any technology you are going to adopt in future.

Iterate json data using AngularJS in MVC

AngularJS can be one of the ways to display as grid. We will walkthrough in this article that how to iterate json record and displaying in table.

Interface and abstract class important points

We all know what is interface and abstract class but sometime we forget or get confuse while comparing it. This happens mostly in an interview. This is very common and most important question asked by interviewer despite you are fresher or experienced.

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